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Data informed decision making is key to improving health of the population. Increasing availability of Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) datasets across the world offers a range of possibilities to understand these determinants and to act on them at policy and program levels.

As with any data, the challenge was the highly scattered nature of these data across several different datasets of varying nature. The granularity of data, representativeness, and inclusiveness of data all matter when it comes to the utility of data.

It’s with this thinking in background that Boston University School of Public Health and Rockefeller Foundation came together to develop a model repository for SDoH data— The Global Determinants of Health Dataset Aggregator. This project is a continuation of our work on the Commission on Data, Determinants, and Decision making (The 3D Commission).

We strive to achieve our vision in providing researchers across the globe with a repository of national and international national datasets on several SDoH, while continuously expanding the list of datasets and surveys used.

We hope that you will love the interactive, visual, global mapping interface of this repository. And that Data for Health will aid you in research and inquiry in advancing work on SDoH on a global scale, and ultimately drive interventions and policies to improve health.

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We are public health researchers at the Boston University School of Public Health. This work builds on the 3D Commission on health determinants, data, and decision making (www.3DCommission.health). Our vision is to widely disseminate data for researchers to better understand key drivers to health. Please contact us if there are any questions and we would be happy to provide additional information.

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